Top 5 Keanu Reeves Movies

Keanu Reeves is not only an actor but a musician and a director-producer. This man has a lot of talent too. He is a good-looking man that has been around for quite some time in the public scene. We will let you know about some movies that this man starred in the past.

The Matrix

The Matrix is the best movie that young Kenau Reeves has ever made. The movie was released in 1999 generating a myriad of good critics right away. This sci-fi movie was about sentient machines and simulated reality in the future of humanity.

John Wick

John Wick is a thriller film starred by Keanu Reeves and other actors. The movie is about a man called John Wick who seeks vengeance when his car is stolen and his puppy killed.

Point of Break

Point of Break is another amazing movie starred by Keanu Reeves. This crime thriller moving picture is truly awesome, and you have to watch it to believe it. Keanu Reeves does an amazing job here showing what he is capable of doing.


Constantine is a horror action film starred by Keanu Reeves. Keanu Reeves is John Constantine in this film. He is a cynic that can communicate with and perceive half-demons and half-angels in their true form.

Knock Knock

Knock Knock is a film starred by Keanu Reeves. This erotic horror thriller will allow you to have a blast in no time. The moving picture was released in 2015. The plot of this movie is interesting and you will love the threesome too.

Now that you know more about Keanu Reeves and the things this man has accomplished, you have more reason to become his follower. Twitter and Facebook will allow you to take a look at his life from a deeper perspective these days if you want to down the road. Remember also that Keanu Reeves is more than an actor.

Top 5 Hassle-Free File Sharing apps for Android and iOS

We all have a lot to share when from our phones but not having wireless file sharing app can make it a struggle. Thus having a right file sharing file is key to data cable-free life. Here are top 5 file sharing apps:

1. SHAREit (Android/iOS/Windows)

With over 100 million downloads on Google Play alone, Shareit is a market leader when it comes to file-sharing. The app uses your phone’s wifi to transfer all sorts of files at blazing fast speeds. Although the app contains ads, the cross-platform reach and small size make it worth a try.

2.Superbeam (Android/iOS)

No internet connection? No problem. Superbeam is  NOT-so-fast but a reliable alternative to share files using QR codes. It can be used to share ANY type of file provided both devices have the app installed. This is one of the best file transfer app to move data from android to iPhone. This is useful for power users. Although desktop version is also available but it will cost you $2.

3.AirDroid (Android)

Loaded with many great features this is an app for productivity users. The app allows you to not only share but also view photos, text, and videos on the app itself. You can also use it to copy text from clipboard of computer to your device and install app on phone by just dragging .apk on desktop!

4.PushBullet (Android/iOS)

If you share screenshots, photos and text frequently, keep this app is for you. It quietly sits in your browser as an extension and can even be used to share web pages. It is only painful since you can share only one file at a time.

5.BitTorrent Sync (Android/iOS/Windows Phone)

If you are looking for secure sharing platform, this app is for you. The app uses a 128-bit encryption to sure your folders keeps them sync. The free version lets you sync 10 folders but you will have to pay $39.99 for more.

A wide variety of apps are available on every platform to suit your needs. However choosing the right one according to your need can shoot your productivity!

How To Stream MovieBox to Chromecast Guide

Since the launch of the app, the MovieBox app has been the most installed application over Android and iOS devices. This mobile application allows you to watch and stream movies and videos online for free. It is widely available across the Appstore and the Google Play Store for free download.

Top-Rated Features of the MovieBox App

The MovieBox app is well equipped with a number of interest features for all its users to look upon to. This is the reason that it’s one of the best apps in the iTunes app store right now.

  1. You can stream or download pictures, videos, songs and other music album for free.
  2. All the updated videos are sent directly to your home screen daily.
  3. You can create and add your favorite films and videos to the playlist to view them later on.
  4. The app has support for the Chromecast which allows you to stream your videos on your TV screens as well.
  5. The website contains a number of movies and videos in many different languages.
  6. You can search and sort the web media content according to the Genre or year of their release.
  7. You can also choose to rate the media content online which you might have streamed on your smartphone.

How to stream Media Content from the MovieBox App using Chromecast

Now, you can also stream all your content on your big screen instead of your smartphones. This allows you to watch the content clearly rather on the small screen size of your Android or iOS device. You would be requiring an app to allow casting on your TV. Read on how to do this, follow the guide mentioned below:

    1. First of all, you need to download the AllCast mobile application for your Android or iOS smartphones.
    2. The AllCast App allows you to connect your mobile phone with the big screens in your house.
    3. Once the app is downloaded and installed on your device, click on the icon on the home screen to launch the app.
    4. Now, head back over to the MovieBox application and choose the settings option.
    5. Change the setting to allow you to Play Online Videos.
    6. Now, choose the video you want to cast on your TV.
    7. Open the AllCast mobile application once again and click on the ‘Apps’ option on the main screen.
    8. Select the option ‘Chromecast office’ to stream your video.
    9. Select the video you want to play in the MovieBox app and it will run on your TV Screens.

The Last Words

The above stated guide allows you to connect your mobile phone with the TV Screen and helps you in streaming online content for free via the MovieBox app. You can use it to stream full Bollywood and Hollywood films or TV Shows on your TV Screens rather than watching them on your device. The quality of the video streaming will depend upon the internet connection available to MovieBox.